«Eursax 2020»

III  European Saxophone Congress

This is the official website of the European Saxophone Committee

This committee, made up of prestigious saxophonists and professors from various European countries, has chosen as the organizing city for the year 2020 the candidacy of TRENTO (Italy)

The congress was delayed due to the Covid 19 pandemic

Therefore we announce that the next European Saxophone Congress will take place in Trento between July 15 to 20

Hope to see you at Eursax 2024

More information soon on:  www.eursax20.eu

Important  Announcement

The III European Saxophone Congress that was to be held this summer in the Italian city of Trento, it’s delayed until 2024 due to the Coronavirus. How do you know this congress was founded in Spain in 2014 (Ciudad Real) and held in Portugal in 2017 (Porto) and for this year should have taken place in 2020 in Trento (Italy), since it was the candidate chosen by the European Saxophone Committee. The joint decision by both, the European Committee  and  the Organizing Committee, has been unanimous in that once we have verified that this epidemic unfortunately will live with us for a time, we think that the best decision is not to postpone it for one year, if not two, so that when it is carried out it is for a music festival the only reason for the appointment and that we can all travel safely and we can confidently express our joy of meeting again after five years of the last European Saxophone Congress: With a big hug.

Francisco Martinez. President of the European Saxophone Committee


The website  of the Eursax 2020 congress will be built in this domain. When it works we will announce it here.

The webs of the congresses of Ciudad Real and Oporto available in following links: